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Stephen R. Seaton Stephen R. Seaton
Stephen R. Seaton has been professionally designing boats for 43 years. Growing up in Illinois, it was a family move to Seattle that gave Stephen the opportunity to pursue his love of boats when, as a teenager, he became a part time “apprentice” to the highly respected Naval Architect Ed Monk Sr., before moving on to work for three years with renown yacht designer Bill Garden.

During the 70’s Stephen joined the Morgan Yacht Corp. in St. Petersburg, Florida. At that time Morgan where one of the leading production yacht manufacturers in the US, so working closely with Charles Morgan gave him the opportunity to learn first-hand the intricacies of designing successful production yachts. Eventually striking out on his own, Stephen established Hidden Harbour Boat Works Inc. in Sarasota, where he built a number of well-known custom yachts.

Realising that running a busy boatyard took up too much time that could otherwise be spent designing, Stephen sold Hidden Harbour and has subsequently focused all his time on the yacht design work that he is so passionate about. His broad experience in the production side of the industry is evident in all of his designs, which are thoroughly thought through from the builders perspective, making for a smooth and trouble free build process.

Seaton designs probably account for more full displacement motor yachts designs in commission than any other naval architect, including vessels of over 150ft in length and many notable and award winning designs. Stephen and Dan Fritz have worked together previously on yachts “Reminisce” and “Saratoga”, built at Dan’s Queenship yard in Canada. In total Stephen has designed over 520 custom yachts, each of which displays the characteristic sensitivity and balance that he has refined over many years, ensuring that all of his designs both look and feel right.

Peer Gynt - LOA 76'
Providence - LOA 63’
Reminisce - LOA 98’
Zapilote- LOA 70'
Onika - LOA 110’
Columbia - LOA 70’
Starship- LOA 72'
M4 - LOA 110’
Offline - LOA 86’