Cape Scott Yachts
Dan Fritz Dan Fritz

As Cape Scott’s founder and President, Dan is a hands-on operator known for his team building and leadership skills, always emphasizing the importance of constantly improving the Company’s products, management systems, and customer service in order to grow its brand and reputation in the marketplace. His vision for Cape Scott, and underlying strategy for almost every decision he makes, is for the company to become known for building one of the World’s safest, most sea kindly and comfortable yachts.

His business activities are diverse and after spending his University years and early 20s working on tug boats, as a bush pilot in Canada’s North and West Coast, and working in the construction industry he started his own as house building company before focusing on larger and larger commercial real estate and hotel developments. Dan’s business activities in the Orient began in 1981 when he brought the fabled Mandarin Oriental Hotel Company to North America and built their first hotel in Vancouver.

An entrepreneur and constructor at heart, Dan was able to combine his deep passions for building and the sea when he founded Queenship in January 1992 and over the years has built hundreds of boats in Canada and the Orient, quite possibly more large yachts (over 60’ in length) than any other Canadian.

With little time left over for his family and to go fishing in the cold deep waters of Northwestern British Columbia’s that he loves best, Dan divides his time between the Orient and Vancouver helping his team build and market its boats.

Jim HawkinsJim Hawkins
Vice President & Chief Boat Building Officer

Before immigrating to Canada in 1982, Jim started his career boat building in his native New Zealand where he apprenticed and earned his shipwright credentials building steel sailboats up to 100 feet in length, and smaller high performance boats out of fiberglass. During his 30 years in Canada Jim has worked on hundreds of yachts, more than 25 of which exceeded 100 feet in length.

Jim originally worked for Dan’s company more than 20 years ago before going on to become the production manager at Crescent Customs Yachts, rejoining Dan’s organization when his company acquired Crescent’s assets.

A keen student of boat building technology, Jim has always strived to be at the cutting edge by using new and improved building materials, equipment and methodology to ensure the boats he built were as efficient and up to date as they could be within their budgetary restraints. Over the years Jim’s passion for the art of boatbuilding and the people involved in the construction process has earned him a solid and well-deserved reputation for being a demanding but fair boss who is able to build high quality yachts while maintaining construction schedules and budgets.

In his spare time Jim puts his 3rd degree black belt to good use by competing and teaching Karate in addition to enjoying an occasional game of golf and working on his home and acreage in Langley, near Vancouver, BC.

Jim HawkinsJacques Lienart
Shipyard Quality Control Team Leader

Jacques, engineer, captain, adventure seeker, has been working in various parts of the world for more than 30 years as a marine engineer, captain and quality control supervisor.  After graduating from University in London with a degree in Mathematics with minors in Automobile and Aeronautic Engineering he worked several years in Kent, England for Jack Brabham’s (three time Formula 1 World Champion) race car constructor team before joining the army as a logistics specialist in the ex-Belgium Congo where his duties focused on liberating expats.

Early in his life Jacques developed a passion for boats, a calling he was drawn to when he left the army to begin working as an engineer repairing and refitting both commercial ships and yachts.  This passion led Jacques to acquire his captain’s license leading  to a career moving yachts from one Mediterranean port to another, often supervising their overhaul and refit.

In 2005 Jacques accepted an offer to work as the owner’s representative overseeing the construction of a large yacht being built in one of China’s rapidly growing yacht building companies, a job that eventually changed when he undertook quality control and training responsibilities for the yard itself. After three years in China his career took him to Vietnam  (where he has worked ever since) working as the European owner’s representative in charge of quality control of a luxury 33 meter sailing catamaran followed by a 43 meter high speed motor catamaran that were being built in one of the country’s military ship yards.

Jacques first met Dan Fritz when Dan retained him to trouble shoot some mechanical engineering issues that he was encountering in the yachts he was building in China, and several years later it was Jacques that was partially responsible for persuading Dan to come to Vietnam to witness firsthand the quality of the work that was being done there.

A keen scuba diver and motor cycle enthusiast, wherever he is in the world Jacques spends as much of his free time as he can exploring the reefs and touring on his BMW bike.

Oregon Mist - LOA 86’
Flipper - LOA 104’
Reminisce - LOA 98’
Glory - LOA 89’
Dauntless - LOA 63’
Warrior - LOA 115’
Dare to Dream - LOA 115’
Mary J - LOA 110’
Nectar of the Gods - LOA 120’
Stargazer - LOA 70’
Isis - LOA 68’
Centinella - LOA 112’
Anchor W - LOA 112’
Shanakee - LOA 75’
Souvenir - LOA 87’
Valkrie - LOA 120’
Impetuous - LOA 119’
Krisha - LOA 115’
Loretta Ann - LOA 117’
Mary P - LOA 88’
Hassle Free - LOA 70’
Olga - LOA 121’
Dare - LOA 61’
Patti Lou - LOA 120’
Below are some samples of interiors produced
Mary P
Patti Lou - Salon
Patti Lou - Master Stateroom
Patti Lou - Foyer
Patti Lou - Galley
Patti Lou - Wheelhouse